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Your Reliable & Trusted Transport Company in Laverton


Your Reliable & Trusted Transport Company in Laverton

Want to work with a transport company in Laverton that offers professional and efficient heavy haulage services

Someone who also offers bulk fuel haulage, heavy-duty transport services, and is a potable water supplier?

Easy, the answer to your question is Desert Sands Cartage Contractors!

Desert Sands Cartage Contractors was founded in 1989 by Rex Ryles as a family-run company to service the Laverton area's mining industry. We are dedicated to transporting various products to local and remote areas. We make sure to offer convenient services and bring the delivery straight to your door when you need it. 

On the other hand, we have extensive experience in hauling gold ore, nickel ore, and concrete, along with sand and gravel, fuel and potable water into some of the most remote and isolated areas in Western Australia. 

At Desert Sands Cartage Contractors, we have extensive experience in the following professional services, such as:

  • Premix
  • Blue Metal
  • Screened Sands
  • Potable Water Supply Cartage
  • Bulk Tipper Haulage
  • Screened River Rock
  • Loader Hire
  • Float Hire
  • Bulk Fuel Haulage
  • Concrete Supplies to Remote Areas

Benefits Of Choosing Desert Sands Cartage Contractors

Desert Sands specialises in transport and is a trusted potable water and fuel supplier to remote areas. We have the experience and the equipment to tackle the job and do it right.

We have a professional and licensed team ready to cater to your needs. Moreover, we put our focus on transporting deliveries in the most efficient and safest manner possible to our clients. On top of that, our equipment is fortified for safe hauling and transport.

Also, we are committed to local charities and support local clubs and emergency services.

Are you interested to know more about what we can offer?

Visit Desert Sands Cartage Contractors’ business page to learn more about our services now!

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