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Why These Temporary Fencing Specialists Are Trusted


Why These Temporary Fencing Specialists Are Trusted

ATF Vision Services Kalgoorlie provides comprehensive surveillance security camera solutions and installation services. 

We offer quality security services in the form of a solar-powered security camera. We also have temporary fencing specialists that provide quality fencing installations customised for your home or business.

At ATF Vision Services Kalgoorlie, we have installed quality temporary fencing services and surveillance cameras across Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields region. 

For over 25 years, ATF has built a reputation for delivering an extensive range of innovative safety solutions through superior product quality, backup and service.

As a locally owned and operated business, we make sure to offer the best quality of fence hire services and wireless security cameras available at competitive prices. All ATF equipment is locally made and rigorously tested to meet the highest Australian standards and the harshest weather conditions. 

We also offer the following products and services, such as but not limited to:

  • Temporary Fencing Hire
  • Solar Cameras
  • Solar Gates
  • Solar Lights
  • Multi-Sensor Devices

As a security service provider, we use quality materials built to last to provide reliable and safe surveillance security cameras and fencing solutions for homes and businesses. 

Wireless, rapidly deployable, secure, intelligent security surveillance systems.

ATF Vision Services Kalgoorlie is the first choice in providing first-rate surveillance security camera solutions. Our product range includes surveillance security camera solutions for commercial, residential and industrial customers.

Our solar-powered security camera system is perfect for securing your high-value assets and property on large construction and civil work sites.

This dual focus system with interchangeable lenses and infrared lights ensures coverage for every situation and application day and night!

Our VisionMate security camera also allows smaller building sites an affordable option to keep their building site safe & secure. Perfect for securing vacant premises, commercial premises, unfinished builds (prevent theft of appliances and materials), renovations, and homes.

ATF Temporary Fencing is the market leader in the supply of quality solutions for fence hire.

ATF is Kalgoorlie’s most reliable and experienced fencing specialist. We understand local temporary fence compliance issues, help meet your critical construction or event schedules, save you from costly delays and protect you from unwanted injury, theft or vandalism.

With our experience, ATF Services knows what the construction industry needs for site security. Over the years, we have developed and tested additional temporary fencing products to help the construction industry stay safe and secure.

In addition to temporary fencing, crowd control barriers and hoarding, ATF also offers a range of products in conjunction with our specialised temporary fencing solutions. 

Included in our specialised range of temporary fencing solutions are security compound fencing (Barbed Wire), pedestrian gates, impactor posts and other temporary fencing accessories to compliment your hire.

ATF has developed a range of security solutions and accessories to suit any project, large or small.

We are also strongly committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied by offering extensive workmanship on our products and services. Our team strives to deliver exceptional customer service and a quality solution to your home or business on time. 

At ATF Vision Services Kalgoorlie, our team has the knowledge and experience to manage your project from pre-planning to completion. 

Visit ATF Vision Services Kalgoorlie’s business page here and get to learn more about them now!

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