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One of the Best Providers of Trusted Security and Protection Services in Kalgoorlie


One of the Best Providers of Trusted Security and Protection Services in Kalgoorlie

MCM Protection is the trusted provider of security and protection services in Kalgoorlie. Locally owned and operated, we have over 40 years of combined experience in the security industry, servicing mining, commercial, governmental, industrial, educational and residential clients. 

Whether it’s a large corporation with multiple sites across the nation or a historic building, our staff will personally design a system for your individual requirements. We provide the following services, including:

  • Access Control Management and Security
  • Asset Tracking of Critical Company Valuables
  • Closed-Circuit Television
  • Automatic and Manual Fire Alarms
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • 24-Hour Grade 1A Central Station Monitoring
  • Guards and Patrols 

You can call us 24 hours a day and a trained company employee will answer the phone. Our employees are specially equipped to answer questions, assist customers with system operation, or dispatch service technicians. We never go home and leave you alone.

We are a member of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Associated Limited). MCM Protection security consultants, installation and service technicians are licensed by the Commercial Agents of the WA Police Services.

Using Security Systems in the Commercial Industry

As a business owner or manager, you have to deal with threats on many levels. Due to burglary, robbery, shoplifting and theft, businesses lose millions of dollars. That’s why the need to protect your facilities, employees, inventory and assets is more critical than ever. 

One way to reduce property loss (especially during non-business hours) is by installing commercial alarm systems. By covering doors and windows with sensors and posting clearly visible security "warning decals," you can greatly reduce the chances of burglary and vandalism.  

Without alarm systems, your business is much more likely to be burglarised than those with an alarm system. 

MCM Protection designs and implements integrated security alarm systems for small and large businesses and institutional and government organisations. We offer a wide range of access control services and capabilities, including: 

  • Keyless Entry – No need to change the locks or entry/exit identification.
  • Individual Identification – Protects the security of all personnel.
  • Local Traffic – Flow control who comes and who goes.
  • Event History – Know where your employees were and when.
  • Time Zones – Automated door-locking schedule.
  • Access Levels – Authorisation controls who gets by.
  • Time and Attendance – Consolidate payroll information.
  • Enhance Alarm System – Keeps sensitive areas sensitive.
  • Parking Control – Gate access to parking lots.
  • Elevator Control –  Floor-by-floor access control.
  • PC-Based Controls – Easy to set up, easy to use.

Reliable Security Products and Services To Keep Your Home Safe

Today, home security is more important than ever. Protect your family and your home with our unique line of residential and home security systems.

MCM Protection helps you understand the products and services that will meet your needs and then recommend a level of protection that accommodates your concerns and your budget. We don’t try to sell you a pre-designed package. Instead, we design and install a system that addresses your concerns as a homeowner and that meets your budget.

Visit MCM Protection Kalgoorlie’s business page to learn more about what we’re offering now!

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