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Kalgoorlie’s Leading Pest Control Specialist & Solutions Provider


Kalgoorlie’s Leading Pest Control Specialist & Solutions Provider

Goldfields Pest Control is a pest control specialist established in Kalgoorlie in 1982 to provide a local solution to pests found in residential, commercial and mining spaces throughout the Goldfields region. 

From termite inspections to pigeon proofing, Goldfields Pest Control has a pest management solution for every little bugger out there.

What Goldfields Pest Control Services Can Offer You

Goldfields Pest Control is a pest control expert that offers efficient pest management solutions and pest control services, such as but not limited to:

  • Safe & Effective Pest & Weed Protection for your home, garden & family;
  • Termites and White Ants;
  • Bugs in the Workplace;
  • Spiders, cockroaches, fleas, stored product pests, bees, wasps, mice, crickets, lawn beetles;
  • Rental Property Flea Treatments;
  • Construction;
  • Bed Bugs;
  • Black and Brown Ants;
  • Birds & Pigeons;
  • Pre-Purchase & Timber Pest Inspections;
  • Weed control for your home & workplace;
  • Noxious & Declared Weed Species Control;
  • Remote Communities and Stations;
  • Schools, Hospitals & Government Departments;
  • Mine Site Pest & Weed Management;
  • Commercial Pest Control and Heritage Buildings;
  • Community & Sporting Groups and Not for Profit Organisations;
  • And any other little bugger living where it shouldn’t be!

We provide a solution that is both cost-effective and thorough. Rest assured that we won’t recommend a treatment you won’t need.

Goldfields Pest Control: The Insider’s Guide to Quality Pest Inspection

We have licensed and insured professionals to perform treatments that comply with the Australian Health Department requirements. 

Comprising four technicians and four administration staff, our employees work in a positive & safe environment, leading to better client-based outcomes. We also encourage our team to be innovative in the pursuit of quality service for all our customers. 

Our technician will carry out a pest inspection under AS4349.3. Regular inspections do not deter pest entry or attack. They can limit the amount of damage that may occur by detecting the problem early.

The report will then note all accessible areas affected by live and old pests. All areas conducive to pest attacks are documented with recommendations for solutions to decrease the risk of further infestation or damage. 

The report will determine whether further treatment is required, along with a detailed quote. We will provide a quote to apply a preventative chemical barrier to the property. 

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, trust that there isn’t a bug Goldfields Pest Control can’t handle.

Want to discover more about our pest removal services?

Visit Goldfields Pest Control Services’ business page now!

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