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This Company Provides Quality Metal Fabrication Services in Boulder


This Company Provides Quality Metal Fabrication Services in Boulder

Rowlspec supplies a broad array of boilermaking and metal fabrication services across the mining and construction industries in Boulder and the Goldfields region. Peter Rowling, the owner and director, started the business back in 2014 and has been continuously operating for over six years now. 

The boilermaking services include industrial equipment repairs and fabrication for both heavy equipment and light equipment. 

Rowlspec has been providing a wide range of services to the mining and construction industries, such as but not limited to:

  • Metal fabrication - Light & Heavy
  • CNC profile cutting
  • Lineboring

Rowlspec is well known throughout the Goldfields region for providing a high level of line boring and fabrication services. We can assist you in every way to improve efficiency and maximise production output in all operating and construction environments with our extensive experience in precision engineering. 

The company provides the best quality tradespeople available, with the right supervision, to complete all tasks safely. The efficient utilisation of labour effectively lowers costs overall for the company’s clients.

We provide the highest quality profile cutting services to our clients by utilising the latest process technology in profile cutting. 

We aim to provide exceptional service and our commitment is to maintain quality workmanship, safe work practices, well-rounded customer service, and ongoing communication with our clients to ensure we help you meet your business objectives.

Whether you’re looking for a provider of expert metalworking or sheet metal fabrication, you’re in the right hands! Rowlspec can get it all done for you!

Visit Rowlspec's business page here and get to learn more about them now!

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