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Kalgoorlie’s Esteemed & Trusted Metal Fabrication Company


Kalgoorlie’s Esteemed & Trusted Metal Fabrication Company

In search of a metal fabrication company in Kalgoorlie that can perform all types of metal fabrication and specialises in steel and aluminium fabrication?

A company committed to ensuring your needs are provided first and supplying high-quality products?

Then, look no further than Roly Industries Pty Ltd - the region’s leading supplier of gold room equipment and metal fabrication services!

Roly Industries Pty Ltd was established in 1987 and currently operates from our fully equipped workshop and office premises in Boulder, Western Australia. 

Roly Industries is a 100% family-owned business, established in 1987 by a father and son team, David and Ron. What few people know is Roly Industries began in the backyard of the family home over 30 years ago! 

From these humble beginnings, David and Julie-Anne have steered the company, and the business has since then flourished. We now have 18 strong people in the team, and Roly Industries is the region’s leading supplier of gold room equipment and metal fabrication services.

We have been continually committing to providing clients with quality products and services.

At Roly Industries Pty Ltd, to keep us involved in the diverse mining industry, we have several services available:

We perform all types of metal fabrication and specialise in stainless steel and aluminium fabrication services, such as but not limited to:

Gold room and refractory supplies

  • Tongs – bullion, crucible and assays
  • Bullion moulds
  • Gold furnace relines and kits
  • Oven manufacturing and repairs
  • Crucibles & stands
  • Stainless steel trays, flux shovels and scoops
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Burner ports and pouring spouts

Metal fabrication

  • Mild steel fabrication and welding
  • Aluminium fabrication and welding
  • Stainless steel fabrication and welding
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • CNC Turret punch
  • CNC High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Powder coating and sandblasting

Roly Industries strives to give you a one-stop-shop, with the design and manufacturing of all your needs to the finished product. 

Roly Industries Pty Ltd: What Makes Them So Different From Everyone Else 

Clients choose Roly Industries because we’re reliable. We provide high-quality products and services, and we take pride in looking after our clients. 

We make sure our clients get the best services. Our professional welders and steel fabricators attend to the designing and manufacturing of your desired product with precision and detail. 

The team is always mindful of keeping costs down whilst keeping standards high, which means clients can depend on Roly Industries to get the job done at a fair price.

We also opened our Powder Coat Division in 2004 and purchased a CNC Turret Punch. This enables us to offer the highest standard of finish to our products and enhance our company’s competitive edge. 

David and Julie-Anne have also committed to providing workplace education for local youngsters. Every year we put on an apprentice and are proud to have been recognised by the Goldfields WorkPlace Education and Training authority as ‘Workplace of The Year’ in 2014. 

Want to know more about Roly Industries Pty Ltd and what we’re offering?

Visit Roly Industries Pty Ltd’s business page to get to know more about our services now!

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