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Here’s Why You Should Trust This Electric Motor Repair Shop in Kalgoorlie


Here’s Why You Should Trust This Electric Motor Repair Shop in Kalgoorlie

There could be many reasons your electric motor broke down or stopped working. It could be excessive heat between the motor windings that has damaged the insulation of your motor or perhaps a cut in the motor winding.

Not to worry! Rewind Kalgoorlie is the trusted electric motor repair shop that offers quick and cost-effective electric motor repairs and rewinds.

We understand how a sudden breakdown can jeopardise your business in terms of time and cost. This is why we offer the quickest turnaround time for all-electric motor rewinding and repairs of all makes and models so you can avoid undue business downtime.

Our team specialises in providing a wide variety of services, including:

  • Rewinding of Electric Motors
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Vent Fan Sales, Service & Repairs
  • Pump Repairs
  • Electrical Contracting - Mining, Industrial and Domestic
  • Installation & Maintenance

We strive to offer the highest quality service while offering competitive pricing, which is made possible due to our strong links with our manufacturers and suppliers. Our workshop is well-equipped, and our staff is fully qualified and experienced in undertaking the most precise electric motor rewinds and repairs.

Whether it’s repairs and rewinds for small or for large motors in huge industrial set-ups, Rewind Kalgoorlie is the company to call for the most cost-effective and reliable solution. 

You can trust that we deliver quick and professional services to get your electric motor up and running again quickly. For more information about electric motor rewinding, visit Rewind Kalgoorlie’s business page to learn more!

Rewind Kalgoorlie
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