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Print Marketing

Business Key can help your business reach customers and gain exposure with informative and engaging print campaigns.


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Why Print Marketing is Still Important in the Digital Age

Print marketing plays an important role in establishing your brand identity, it can be seen at a glance and stays in people's minds for a much longer period, and is ideal for building brand awareness, reputation and credibility.


Our Print Marketing Products

We have 30 years of print experience, so there's not much we don't know about designing for print. Our Business Planners and Mining Maps are a regular feature on walls in the region and is a great opportunity for local advertising. If you want to list your business on our popular wall maps, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Business Planner

The Goldfields Business Planner is Delivered FREE to all businesses in the Goldfields

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Logo Design &
Business Cards

Our team can help create an illustrative and compelling logo for your brand or breathe life into an existing logo to help build trust and credibility for your business. We also offer a complete service from business card design to printing and delivery. Contact us to find out more!



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How does print marketing differ from digital marketing?

Although both serve a similar purpose (promoting your brand), they do so with different intent. Digital marketing is effective because it allows you to quickly and directly reach your audience and prospective customers online. On the other hand, people find print marketing trustworthy because it triggers sensory and memorability. Being able to look at an ad while tangibly touching it allows the person to engage and remember the ad more. But the right blend of print marketing and digital marketing is essential in forming a successful marketing campaign.

What benefits can I expect from print marketing?

Print marketing is a powerful way to reach, engage, and build the trust of your target audience. It is a great introduction to your products and services and often leads readers online to get more information. Print is most effective when combined with other channels. When you use your digital and print marketing campaigns to complement each other, you’ll cover all of your marketing bases and deliver a more comprehensive marketing strategy.

How does my business benefit from the Goldfields Business Planner and the WA Mining Map?

Our popular wall maps help build up your brand’s reputation and act as a referral source. The Goldfields Business Planner highlights local events, attractions and diary dates and puts your business in front of people all-year-round. While the WA Mining Map also presents your products and services to key decision makers in the mining industry.