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Goldfields Settlements


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Our Story:

Established in 1981, David Natt started the Goldfields Settlements. He operated the company for 26 years, which Paul Browning then acquired in March 2007. Paul has continued the personalised and innovative services that have made Goldfields Settlements the preferred settlement agent over the following 30-odd years, with friendly, experienced and very competent staff. 

The business was then taken over by a new owner Melanie Smedley, who has the experience and knowledge to understand the requirements of the industry. Since then, she has been committed to delivering top-notch services to clients and ensuring the business continues to grow and thrive in the coming years.

What We Do:

Property settlements can be a daunting process. Errors can cost a fortune and delay settlement, incurring even greater costs. Not to mention that it may mean you can’t move into your new home or out of your old one when you intend to do so. 

That’s why, at Goldfields Settlements, we can help you through the paperwork maze of:

  • Property settlements
  • Contract preparation
  • Title searches
  • Company searches
  • Subdivisions and developments
  • Strata Titles and new titles arising from other subdivisions
  • Related Party Transfers
  • Survivorship and Transmission Applications
  • Change of Name and Title Particulars
  • Residential and commercial property settlements anywhere in WA.

Why choose Goldfields Settlements?

There's no room for ignorance when you're buying properties. With our knowledge and experience, you can learn more about property settlement because we do this job all the time.

If you don't understand them, which is not at all uncommon, you can contact us. Our settlement agents and conveyancers understand the process and work hard to ensure all clients' contractual benefits and obligations are honoured. We make sure to minimise the errors and that you are protected.

We'll give you a clear explanation of the contract. At Goldfields Settlements, we pay attention to detail and ensure your settlement is finalised on time and stress-free.


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Goldfields Settlements has over 30-odd years of experience providing personalised settlement services. We can help you through the paperwork maze of property settlements, contract preparation, title searches, company searches, strata titles and new titles arising from other subdivisions, related party transfers, and many others. We'll make sure your settlement is finalised on time and stress-free.

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Over 30 Years of Property Settlement Experience
Localities Kalgoorlie-Boulder
ABN 69 123 399 584
ACN 123 399 584
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