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Local Geotechnics


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Our Story:

We are Geotechnical, Civil and Pavement investigation, testing and design specialists that provide quality services throughout Western Australia (WA). 

We take pride in our knowledge of local geology, soil condition and construction through years of working experience in WA. Being equipped with engineers of strong academic backgrounds and PhD in Geotechnical and Civil Engineering, we confidently serve our valuable clients. 

What We Do:

We provide services for geotechnical, civil and pavement investigation and testing, whether simple or complex. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Geotechnical Investigation, 
  • Site Classification, 
  • Earthworks & Compaction Control, 
  • Foundation Design, 
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation, 
  • Pavement Investigation, 
  • Rock Coring, 
  • Concrete Investigation, 
  • Field Permeability Testing, 
  • Site Soils Evaluation (SSE),
  • Third-Party Report Review, 
  • Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) Assessment, and 
  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).

Local Geotechnics is also the only company in WA with FastFWD, short for fast Falling Weight Deflectometer (Mainroads WA Approved). It can be used for pavement investigation for highways, local roads, airport pavements, and harbour areas to determine the following:

  • Evaluate Physical Properties
  • Determine Structural Capacity
  • Assess Pavement Quality
  • Back Calculation of Pavement Layer Moduli
  • Estimates of Pavement Life

Why choose Local Geotechnics?

Our engineers are Chartered Engineers (CPEng) of the Institute of Engineers Australia and members of the Australian Geomechanics Society.

We value professionalism above everything in practice, and equally, we value the friendly relationship with our clients to ensure top-quality service on time and cost-effectively.


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Local Geotechnics is a geotechnical, civil and pavement investigation, testing, and design specialist company. We've had experience dealing with local geology, soil condition and construction through years of working in WA. We provide geotechnical, civil, and pavement investigation and testing services, including earthworks and compaction control, rock coring, environmental site assessment (ESA), etc.

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Members of The Australian Geomechanics Society
Localities Kalgoorlie-Boulder
ABN 61 737 984 867
ACN 737 984 867
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Earthworks & Compaction Control
Environmental Site Assessments
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