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Kalgoorlie Blokarts

Please note sailing times are only weekends, subject to weather conditions. If there's no wind there's no sailing! To make a booking contact Bryan Cook 0407 445 711 or email
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Kalgoorlie Blokarts - fun, fast, compact!

Just because most Goldfielders live inland hours from the nearest beaches does not mean we have to miss out on the thrills and exhilaration of sailing. Kalgoorlie is known as the premier land-sailing region in Australia, with many huge, flat salt lakes in the area.

Windsurfer for 20 years and Kalgoorlie based, Byran Cook has the local dealership for the fun, fast, and compact award-winning New Zealand-made Blokart land yachts.

Whether for competition or recreation, the yachts are suitable for all ages and abilities.

The weight limit is 120kgs. Adjustable foot bars and seatbelts ensure a good fit for anyone aged 7 or 8 years old and up.

A two-seater is also available for people wanting to ride as a passenger.
Weighing in at 27 kilograms, the yachts can be assembled in minutes with no tools required. Transport and storage are not a problem, as everything including the mast, sail, and wheels dismantle and packs into a bag 1100mm long. Because of its small size and extreme maneuverability, the Blokart can be used almost anywhere from beaches to parking lots, sports and recreation grounds, tennis courts, even on ice.

There are also no licence or registration costs to worry about.
There is no engine, which means no noise and no fuel bills. This means that Blokarts are easy on the environment, both locally and globally. Blokarts require little maintenance apart from washing after use.

Tyres will wear out (it’s fun sliding sideways on turns) but a new set will cost you only $66.

The yacht is 100% stainless steel for superior resistance to salt corrosion.
High-quality stainless steel marine fittings are used on both models. The yachts come in five colours with three different size sails for different wind speeds. Complete, ready-to-sail rigs start at $4,400 and accessories are available, and with 27 dealers nationwide and many more worldwide, getting parts anywhere is easy.

We do have second-hand and demonstration models available at competitive prices. Free demonstrations can be arranged for those people who are interested. More information and pictures of the carts in action are available on the blokart website or search our business page Gallery on


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