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Why Locals Visit This Renowned Gardening Centre in Kalgoorlie


Why Locals Visit This Renowned Gardening Centre in Kalgoorlie

Are you shaping your garden? Do you want your existing garden to thrive, or are you starting with a blank canvas? Not to worry, this reputable gardening centre in Kalgoorlie-Boulder can help you!  

Goldfields Little Loads Garden Centre is the most accessible plant nursery that delivers quality garden supplies at the best prices. We’re one of the trusted plant fertiliser distributors in Kalgoorlie that provide quality local nursery garden supplies like mulches, blended garden mixes/composts, and various sand or gravel for plant nurseries and production. 

The site at 130 Dugan Street was bought by owners Nigel & Ali Bellin. We are a family-owned and operated business that supplies and delivers “little loads” of quality garden and landscaping supplies without compromise. Since then, we have proudly grown in the region by being resilient and adaptable to the industry. 

Our professionals will come to your home or workplace, walk the property with you and identify flowers, plants, and trees. We can discuss the basics from the ground up, like PH levels, sun aspects, fertilising, watering, and pruning. We can even guide you on diagnosing and eliminating diseases, pests, and weeds on your plants so you can enjoy a beautiful water-wise garden in no time. 

Happiness is in your garden. You can trust Goldfields Little Loads Garden Centre to help you get the best products and services for your garden. We are open six days a week from 8 AM to 4 PM on Mondays-Fridays and 8 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays. 

A Simple Guide Of One of The Best Plant Nurseries & Garden Centres in Kalgoorlie

Goldfields Little Loads has an extensive selection of garden supplies. We proudly offer you quality garden supplies and services guaranteed at a reasonable price. We take weekly plant orders. Our garden shop offers quality supplies, such as but not limited to:

  • Garden Care & Supplies
  • Soils, Mulches, Gravels & Stone Products
  • Aggregates
  • MRWA Spec Gravel
  • Same day - Little Load & Bulk deliveries
  • Fire Wood
  • Gifts & Homeware
  • Indoor Garden Nursery
  • Stockist of Bailey’s Quality Products

Plus, we are one of the Baileys Fertilisers distributors in the region. We also have a range of indoor plants, gifts, pots, and baskets, with new stocks arriving weekly. Moreover, we have garden blends and mulch that feed your plants and help improve your soil’s structure and capacity to hold water and protect your garden from the sun.

Get gardening with big bangs of colour. We have a massive range of indoor and outdoor plants to suit your “wants and needs”. 

We have plants like the Acer Pink Flamingo. Perfect for any location and grows in garden beds, pots, driveways, and avenues. Has breathtaking colours. If you’re looking for something simple and elegant, this plant is variegated light green and cream, with striking flamingo pink new growth in spring. This tree is a statement and will be a treasured specimen in any garden for its simple elegance.

There’s also the beautiful “Acacia Limelight,” divine herb “Lemon Verbana” that tastes amazing, the stunner “Syngonium”, also known as the white knight, the “Liriope,” or Emerald Cascade and beautiful “Snapdragons” – must haves!

The beautiful “Magnolia” is a spectacular evergreen tree. With dense oval-shaped dark green glossy leaves and full white fragrant flowers. The conifer-shaped Magnolia is ideal for hedging and screening and is unmatched in an avenue of pots. These little gems tolerate a range of conditions. Water-wise, they’re very hardy, versatile and low maintenance. 

For cottage garden beds, the light pink “Guara Belleza” is a must-have. Soft green foliage is the backdrop for the cute little light pink flowers that sit high on slender arching stems. The mass of little light pink flowers that look like prancing flowers is produced from Mid-Spring to late Autumn. They look amazing as a border plant or in an outdoor pot plant. They are:

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Full Sun
  • 50 cm tall
  • 50 cm wide
  • Loves Kalgoorlie Gardens

An entertaining alfresco is not so far away! Start with Strelitzia Nicolai to spruce up your space. Gorgeous little pots and luscious fresh foliage. 

See our range of ornamental and fruiting deciduous trees available!

Looking for perfect little gifts for your family and friends? We have Flanner Flower and Maine Beach gift packs by Maine Beach in store at Little Indoorables. 

We also have “Trelivings” or the Darling Range Jarrah Honey Collection. Jarrah Honey is sustainably sourced from the tall forests of our Darling Range, Western Australia. Let the springtime flowering of the Jarrah Forests burst alive with the layering of scents of nectar. Amazing body-care products with the powerful antimicrobial properties of Jarrah Honey, antioxidant-rich Native Desert Fruits full of Vitamin C & E that hydrate and soothes your skin. It’s a winner!

We’ve got your gardening covered. Inside and out!

We also have gatherings with our friend Sabrina Hahn, a renowned local gardening expert and designer with all the tips and the answers to all your gardening questions! She has authored amazing gardening books and is the “go-to” guide for every gardener! 

Your Trusted Garden Centre & Landscaping Nursery in Kalgoorlie

We know you’ll enjoy the Goldfields Little Loads Garden Centre difference! 

The beauty of choosing Goldfields Little Loads Garden Centre is that we are a one-stop shop. We can offer you a wide range of gardening essentials in one location. We can lead the way in helping you create the beautiful garden you desire. 

Be it a small patio garden or sprawling parkland across all varieties and seasons, you can trust our gardening store to cater to all garden types. We can advise choosing the right plants that suit your garden’s landscape design. Plants for different climates, soil conditions, and plants that thrive in low-water gardens.

With roots deep in the ground, we are here to help you get the best out of your garden inside & out. Come and meet our friendly team, who share your passion for gardening. 

If you’re looking for one of the best garden centres in Kalgoorlie, visit Goldfields Little Loads Garden Centres’ business page now!

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