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Why Local Companies Put Their Trust In These Heavy Haulage Contractors in Kalgoorlie


Why Local Companies Put Their Trust In These Heavy Haulage Contractors in Kalgoorlie

Are you looking for heavy haulage contractors? Local companies throughout Kalgoorlie-Boulder call these contractors to help with their transport needs. Meet Terry Haulage – one of the most reliable and versatile transport companies in town. Established in 1997 by Dean and Kate Terry, we have over 20 years of experience in the transport and haulage industry. Since then, we have become the community’s most sought-after service providers.

As one of the region’s trusted local freight & transport companies, we provide professional transport solutions to mining companies in the Goldfields and Western Australia. We specialise in transporting mining equipment such as transportable buildings, loaders, rollers, fuel tanks, support trucks, underground machinery, drill rigs, general freight service – anything at all. 

Our combination of equipment allows us to carry out a variety of work that delivers a high standard of service to our clients within the Goldfields region and throughout Australia. Our well-maintained equipment consists of the following: 

  • 5 Kenworth Prime Movers 
  • 45-ft Tilt Trays 
  • 45-ft Drop Decks with Winch and Ramps, 
  • Flat Tops 
  • B/Train and Road Train with Options To Make Towing Combinations 
  • 50-tonne Floats

The Benefits of Choosing These Haulage Contractors For Your Transport Needs

Our company attitude can be summed up by our motto: “Passion is the fuel to vision, don’t blend in, stand out!” We guarantee a strong focus by providing professional and efficient services to our clients. Our staff are also qualified and well-trained, and most importantly, we ensure all our equipment are regularly maintained. 

We offer reliable deliveries and hassle-free bookings that meet your freight and transport service needs Australia-wide. And we deliver safely, on time, and with due care and attention. 

When you come to Terry Haulage Pty Ltd seeking equipment transport services, rest assured that you’ll receive exactly what you’re looking for. We’re happy to extend our helping hand and deliver specialised transport and haulage services at the right place and time. 

Want to know more about what we’re offering? Visit Terry Haulage Pty Ltd’s business page to find out now!

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