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What Made This Chinese Restaurant Reputable in Kalgoorlie


What Made This Chinese Restaurant Reputable in Kalgoorlie

New Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant started operating in 1989. Since then, we have been serving flavourful Chinese cuisines at the most reasonable prices around Kalgoorlie-Boulder. 

With a well-curated menu, you can enjoy the best choices of authentic Chinese dishes made fresh and flavorful. 

Trying New Hong Kong Chinese Resto: Signature Chinese Dishes Made By Our Experienced Chef. 

As one of the oldest Chinese food restaurants in Kalgoorlie, we know how to be innovative with our food, making customers return for more. 

From your favourite serve of noodle and soups, palatable entrees, appetising main dishes, and other Chinese cuisine favourites, we offer you a variety of savoury flavours that pack up a punch after every bite. 

Some of the best must-try Chinese meals on our menu are our wonton soup, king prawn cocktail, fresh spring rolls, and spare ribs. Some of our other specialities include Chinese fried dumpling, sizzling sauce, Szechuan spicy, as well as chop suey or chow mein.

If you’re looking for something new, you can go for the sweet and sour with your choice of meat or seafood, battered duck - plum, or duck and mushroom variety, or satay vegetables, vegetables in black bean sauce, seafood chow ho fun, or chicken Hokkien.

Or craving for an order of satay sticks? Perhaps that sumptuous chow mein or chop suey that hits the spot on your appetite? Or, maybe some steamed BBQ pork buns? 

New Hong Kong Chinese Resto satisfies your Chinese cravings with our flavourful menu. 

Whether you’re looking for different dishes – vegetable fried rice, chicken chow ho fun, king prawn omelette, curry vegetables, duck in Peking sauce, chilli with your choice of meat – set menus, or a variety of combinations and main dishes, this restaurant has exactly what you’re looking for.

We also offer complimentary drinks to quench your thirst after eating such delectable dishes.

Whether you’d like a Chinese takeaway, dine-in, or home delivery, New Hong Kong Chinese Resto’s got it all for you. 

Feel like eating authentic Chinese cuisines? Order at New Hong Kong Chinese Resto now! 

Visit New Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant’s business page here and get to learn more about them now!

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