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Understanding The Leading Provider of Sea Containers For Hire and Sale in Kalgoorlie


Understanding The Leading Provider of Sea Containers For Hire and Sale in Kalgoorlie

In the Goldfields region, one of the leading providers of trusted sea containers for hire and sale for over six years is Campbell’s Camps. We have established a great reputation with the residential, commercial, and mining sectors in Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields region. 

This durable and comfortable self-contained sea container for sale is a concept born between a carpenter and a driller. We have been working in the Goldfields area for over 12 years now in the building industry, doing everything from mine sites, and residential to commercial building and construction, which branched into building sea containers.

This venture started when we rebuilt and custom-designed the offices for Raglan Drilling, who wanted us to build onsite offices for a time-critical project. So, we converted 3 sea containers with offices, laundry, bathroom, kitchen and 3-bedroom units, which were very successful, and the client was very happy with our work. So, we decided to branch out and start a new division from Campbell’s Group and became Campbell’s Camps.

Drilling, Since then, we have taken on numerous clients in the drilling and mine site industry, DDH1 Stark drilling, PX drilling, and central Kal drilling, just to name a few. We have done everything from site offices to bars to full camp setups and anything in between.

Whether for a long-term or a short-term hire for three months, our portable buildings for sale and hire are the perfect choice for all your needs. 

All our buildings start as empty 20 ft or 40 ft sea containers, with the option of having them fully furnished or empty, to furnish yourself as you please.​ The containers are up for hire or outright purchase and can be designed to cater to your needs. Various designs are available for you to choose from bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms to laundry rooms and offices. Surely, we have stepped up the real estate game with the newly designed mining camps!

When you contact Campbell’s Camps, rest assured that we’ve got the following covered:

  • Electrical: Every building comes with complete electrical infrastructure, ready for use and future-proof.
  • Plumbing: Complete plumbing with every solution for future expansions to any kitchen or bathroom orders.
  • Mobility: Fully mobile to any remote location, we also service the mining industry with custom builds on lease.
  • Turnkey: Customised solutions for all your requirements and budget, made for all weather conditions.
  • Finance: Assistance is available through our affiliate brokers to help you get started with your projects.

Campbell’s Camps is the best supplier of shipping containers, such as but not limited to:

  • Bedrooms: 20 ft. containers housing 1-3 bedrooms & 40 ft. housing 1-6 rooms, add an ensuite for extra comfort. 
  • Bathrooms & Laundries: 20 ft. container with two bathrooms and laundry or custom design to suit your needs and requirements.
  • Kitchens: 20 ft. kitchen with free-standing equipment, commercial ovens and stainless steel benches with the option to join 2 or 3 containers for extra dining rooms. 
  • Offices, Storage Units & Dangerous Goods Containers: 20 ft and 40 ft offices with all communication & power points you need, add windows and doors to suit all your requirements. Storage containers & dangerous goods units are custom-built to suit your needs.

We also make several integrated attachments to the container builds. Decks that can slide out for easy access, roof locks that can connect two or more containers, so you don’t need any construction on site, they literally lift off lock-in, and you’re done. 

We can add tropical roofs to the top of the containers for extra shade in harsh conditions, keeping the building a lot cooler during summer. We also make dome shelters between containers for larger sites. We also accommodate cyclone ratings, tie-downs, and concrete cleanses for the buildings to sit on. 

Our systems include electric remote-controlled awnings that sit above the containers and assemble out over the doors, quite handy when you are not at the site and use them when you need them.

You don’t have to worry about anything, maintenance can come back to us depending on the hire situation. We can then service any onsite generators, water tanks and other equipment we have supplied. Right down to beds and linen, fully equipped kitchens from pots and pans to all appliances, anything that is required for the site living.

How This Provider of Buy & Hire Shipping Containers Do Their Work

The flexibility in our custom designs makes it possible to create any layout you require. ​We only use the best fittings and fixtures, with all electrical and plumbing work carried out according to strict Australian standards. In addition, our quality containers for sale & hire have robust exteriors, making them hard-wearing and perfect for all weather conditions in the outback. 

Within four weeks, we will work on the design and the completion to have you in your new sea container home sooner than you think.

Campbell’s Camps has a flexible workforce based in the Goldfields area. We work very closely together to get the job done right the first time and on time. We can quickly mobilise and deliver sea containers in WA, ensuring minimal delays and associated costs. Moreover, our in-house knowledge and experience, combined with tried and tested professional relationships, enable us to meet our market sector requirements. 

We aim to defy all the negative expectations associated with the trade by being timely, tidy, polite, respectful, sensibly priced and focused on a first-class finish. Moreover, our team strives to offer a friendly, professional service, delivering sea container sales our customers require at a reasonable rate.

There are endless possibilities with container conversions, from offices to living spaces, easily transportable to your next project and reusable. It’s ideal for remote location projects, especially as it’s not practical to spend time and money constructing permanent structures. 

For more information about storage containers for sale in Kalgoorlie, visit Campbell’s Camp's business page now!

Campbell's Camps
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