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This is Why Locals Trust This Gasfitters and Gasfitting Company in Kalgoorlie-Boulder


This is Why Locals Trust This Gasfitters and Gasfitting Company in Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Kalgas Energy Services is your reliable gasfitters and gasfitting company in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. We’re a local business with the knowledge and experience to provide first-class industrial and commercial heating applications and power generation services.

In 2018, Korbin Iles established Kalgas Energy Services to provide quality gasfitting services to the mining, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors in the Goldfields region. 

Having lived and worked in the Goldfields since 2004, Korbin completed his electrical apprenticeship and industrial gasfitting. Since completing his apprenticeship, Korbin has gained extensive experience in mineral processing plants, including gold, iron ore, nickel, and silver. He has spent much of this time as an electrical maintenance supervisor.

Korbin’s combined electrical, instrumentation and gas appliance installation experience and knowledge enable Kalgas Energy Services to provide installation, design, optimisation and servicing of oil and gas installations.

Conveniently located in the heart of the Goldfields region, you can trust Kalgas Energy Services to provide oil and gas installation that fits your requirement!

What You Can Expect From The Leading Gas Installers in Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Kalgas Energy Services can provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Design, Installation & Commissioning
  • Gas Pipework Installation
  • Type B Gas Fired Appliances
  • Annual Statutory Inspection & Maintenance of Steam Boilers
  • Repairs, Maintenance & Servicing of Industrial & Commercial Oil and Gas Fired Appliances
  • Burner Management Systems
  • Burner Sales
  • Pressure Testing Services Calibration
  • Instrumentation
  • Installation, Commissioning and Servicing of Gas Engine Power Generators
  • WA Goldfields Authorised Dealer for Generac and Pramac Products
  • Portable Generators 
  • Home Standby Gas Generators
  • Stationary Generating Sets (up to 830kVa)
  • Lighting Towers
  • Dust Fighter Dust Suppression Units
  • Electrical Contracting Services in All Industrial and Commercial Applications

Kalgas Energy Services is also able to service a wide range of equipment using oil and gas technologies, such as:

  • Gold Processing Equipment 
    • Carbon Regeneration Kilns 
    • Elution Heaters 
    • Smelting Furnaces 
    • Steam Boilers 
  • Nickel Processing Equipment 
    • Super Heaters 
    • Rotary Dryers 
    • Refractory Heaters 
    • Furnace Heat Up Installations 
  • Power Generation
    • Reciprocating Gas Engines
    • Gas Turbines
  • Laboratory Equipment 
    • Fire Assay Furnaces 
    • Sample Drying Ovens 
  • Commercial Laundries 
    • Clothes Dryers 
    • Steam Boilers 
  • Farming Equipment 
    • Grain Dryers

Rest assured as we are your local professionals specialising in industrial and commercial gas fitting, electrical contracting, instrumentation services, and more. If you want to know more about our services, visit Kalgas Energy Services’s business page!

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