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One of The Renowned Providers of Comprehensive Drafting Services in Kalgoorlie That Locals Trust


One of The Renowned Providers of Comprehensive Drafting Services in Kalgoorlie That Locals Trust

Only one company offers comprehensive drafting services in Kalgoorlie: 3rd Angle Design. They are not your ordinary drafting company; they are one of the leading companies in the industry, known for providing quality and innovative services at the best prices. The team ensures that their client’s desired outcomes are accurately conveyed. They focus on providing a service that caters to customers wanting a custom renovation or extension or a unique floor plan.

With their commercial and mining experience, they can produce technical drawings that meet the needs of your projects. You can trust that 3rd Angle Design will deliver superb architectural drafting and design engineering services at the best price.

How 3rd Angle Design Became One of the Best Drafters in Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Darryl Payne, the director of 3rd Angle Design, is a draftsperson with expertise in various drafting disciplines, including architectural (residential and commercial), civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, process flow diagrams, piping and instrument diagrams, and pipework drawings.

Born and raised in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, he obtained his Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the Curtin University Kalgoorlie Campus in 1996. He has worked on numerous projects across various mine sites in the region, including Avalon Nickel Project, Black Swan Nickel, Lake Johnston Operations, Gold Fields – St Ives Gold Mining, Cawse Nickel, Paddington, Thunderbox Gold Project, Granny Smith, Sunrise Dam, and Kanowna Belle Gold Mines.

Let’s talk about the business name. You may wonder, “Why ‘3rd Angle’ Design?” According to Darryl, it’s a drafting thing. The First Angle and Third Angle are the most common forms of orthographic projection or drafting multiple views of the same object. The First Angle projection is mainly used in Asia and Europe, while the Third Angle projection is the preferred method in Australia. That should make it crystal clear.

What You Need To Know About This Top-Notch Drafting Company

With our residential, commercial, and mining experience, we can produce technical drawings to meet your project needs.

Whether you have minor drafting and design projects that require no alterations to the main property or larger jobs involving changes to the primary residence or a new custom house, 3rd Angle Design has you covered. Renovations are generally done to suit your changing needs. Full custom designs for new homes are created with a personal touch.

At 3rd Angle Design, they offer a wide range of residential drafting services, including:

  • House Renovations
  • New Houses with Custom Floor Plans
  • Strata Title plans
  • Site plans
  • Carports & Patios
  • Granny Flat
  • Alfresco & Game Rooms

They also cover drafting and design for smaller commercial jobs that require a proposed layout for the property, as well as medium to larger commercial jobs that involve additional buildings to the commercial premises. Examples include:

  • Office modifications and extensions to an existing building
  • Additional office space or utility buildings, such as ablution blocks
  • Shed lean-to for storage
  • Shop fitouts or layouts
  • Commercial site layouts & developments
  • Office fitouts

All plans are suitable for submission to the City and Shire Councils and comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The team also takes pride in their 20 years of experience drafting for the mining industry, spanning civil, electrical, mechanical, piping, and structural disciplines.

This Is Why Locals Recommend These Design & Drafting Services in Kalgoorlie

Whether it’s drafting for residential or commercial development or the mining industry, 3rd Angle Design can accurately convey your desired result. 

Each mechanical drafting job is unique and has differing drafting requirements, so quoted prices are for drafting only and do not include costs for council fees, engineering, surveying, or energy efficiency assessments. As such, each job is priced individually. It’s required for properties to be surveyed, and a civil or structural engineer must certify any new foundations or structural changes. Additionally, buildings need to be assessed for energy efficiency.

3rd Angle Design has no problem guiding first-time home renovators from planning and designing to submitting plans to the City Council for building and planning approval. They understand the complexities of the process and are ready to assist.

Give them a call to discuss your drafting needs and allow them to provide a personalised quote. Alternatively, you can visit 3rd Angle Design’s business page for more information.

3rd Angle Design
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