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One of The Renowned Environmental Consulting Service Companies in Kalgoorlie that Locals Trust


One of The Renowned Environmental Consulting Service Companies in Kalgoorlie that Locals Trust

Native Vegetation Solutions is one of Kalgoorlie’s best environmental consulting service companies with a professional botanist that provides comprehensive vegetation monitoring and a quality groundwater monitoring service.

Based in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Native Vegetation Solutions (NVS) is an environmental consulting business focused on providing quality services at competitive rates.

Established in 2010, Native Vegetation Solutions was founded by Botanist and Director Eren Reid. Eren provides exceptional environmental consultancy services to the mining and resources industry. His expertise and botanical knowledge is a rare find when coupled with his years of experience in the field. He’s also well respected locally. His discovery of a new species has put him on the map beyond the Goldfields region.

Situated in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, he is ideally positioned in meeting the needs of regional companies that need a fast, effective and competitive service.

From groundwater monitoring, flora surveys and vegetation monitoring to assisting mining and resources companies to meet environmental compliance and monitoring requirements, Eren can provide you with a range of environmental services.                                                              

Well, to give more information, Native Vegetation Solutions can offer the following services, such as:

  • Flora and Vegetation Surveys
    • Small Scale and Large Scale Baseline Surveys
    • Reconnaissance and Detailed Flora Surveys
    • Targeted Threatened Flora Surveys
    • Weed Audits
    • POW Exploration Flora Inspections
    • Clearing Permit Applications
  • Vegetation Monitoring
    • Native Vegetation Monitoring for License Conditions
    • Rehabilitation Monitoring
    • Landscape Function Analysis (LFA)
    • Point Intercept Vegetation Monitoring
    • Soil Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
  • Annual Environmental Reporting
    • Data Collation
    • GIS Mapping
    • Photographic Monitoring
    • On-Site Secondment
  • Approvals
    • Mining Proposals
    • Closure Plans
    • Works Approvals
  • Groundwater Monitoring Service
    • Field Analysis (pH, EC, TDS, REDOX & Dissolved Oxygen)
    • Bore Purging & Water Sampling (Bennett Sample Pump)
    • Dipping (SWL)
    • Laboratory Analysis

The company is one of the environmental consulting agencies focused on providing quality services at competitive rates to the mining industry’s small scale exploration companies to large scale global mining companies and local shires.

Eren has extensive botanical knowledge of the Goldfields and Pilbara Regions. He has conducted over 16 years of terrestrial flora surveys and vegetation monitoring in remote regions. Moreover, he’s committed to providing professional services tailored to your company’s requirements.

With reliable and accurate equipment, Native Vegetation Solutions has what an environmental consulting services company needs to perform services tailored to meet your requirements. 

Also, the company takes the environmental impacts of their work seriously and are committed to long term sustainability. That’s why all work is carried out with minimum impact on the surrounding environment as much as possible.

If you need an environmental consultant with a strong focus on client needs, Native Vegetation Solutions can provide it to you! 

Visit Native Vegetation Solutions’ business page to discover more about the services we’re offering now!

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