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One of The Best Thai and Vietnamese Restaurants in Kalgoorlie to Order From


One of The Best Thai and Vietnamese Restaurants in Kalgoorlie to Order From

Lemongrass Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine is one of the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants that locals in Kalgoorlie frequent. Based at 5/84 Brookman Street Kalgoorlie, we make sure to deliver an exceptional dining experience. 

Here at Lemongrass, we always keep you coming back for more! The Lemongrass menu is filled with dishes with zesty flavours and quality spices that pack a punch with every bite.

With distinctive characters and tastes, our delectable cuisines are relished by customers. From sumptuous and tasty entrees, soups, and salads to stir-fried main dishes mixed with seasonal vegetables, wok-fried noodles, rice and side dishes, steamed rice vermicelli, and home specials. We also serve spicy tom yum soups to the sweeter corn soup variety.

For a Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant that offers delightful and authentic Thai and Vietnamese foods in Kalgoorlie, then Lemongrass Restaurant is the best choice! 

The Lemongrass Restaurant is a great restaurant to visit if you want to try delectable cuisines in a garden setting. Combining Thailand and Vietnam food lets you enjoy various healthy and unique dishes.

With a continually evolving menu of hearty, appetising dishes, we have dishes to suit every type of taste bud in the community.

First off, we have various entrees. There’s “Vietnamese Pancake”, or Vietnamese-style prawn chicken pancakes served with fresh vegetables and fish. “Fresh Rolls” filled with rice vermicelli, prawns, chicken, and salad served with hoisin sauce. “Vietnamese BBQ Pork,” “Wok tossed Lemongrass,” “Sugar Cane Prawns,” or a combination of chicken, beef, or pork plus spring rolls and sugar cane prawns are some of the varieties of steamed rice vermicelli we serve. 

We have two types of salad – the “Vietnamese Chicken Salad” served with chicken, cabbage, onion, carrot, celery and mint tossed in fish sauce, or the “Thai Salad” with fresh vegetables mixed with Asian herbs and tossed in fish sauce.

We have “Pad Thai” or stir-fried noodles served with peanuts and beansprouts. There’s “Hokkien Mee Fried Noodle”, or deliciously stir-fried Hokkien noodles with veggies. Or, you can go for “Kwat Teow”, the gravy stir-fried with thick rice noodles and “Hawkersmee Fried Noodles,” where egg noodle wok is fried in black noodle sauce and vegetables. 

For rice dishes, we have “Fried Black Pepper Beef Cubes”, or beef cubes wok-tossed in black pepper served with steamed rice, lemon, salt, and pepper. You can also order the “Vietnamese Caramel Clay Pot,” where we stew the meat of your choice – a homecooked Vietnamese classic. There’s also “Crispy Skin Chicken”, with deep-fried chicken served with steamed rice and homemade fish sauce.

We also serve mouthwatering Vietnamese specialties like “Deep-Fried Fish Fillet” with your choice of sauce: ginger and shallots or tomato relish. Or, the “Seafood Steamboat” with an array of seafood placed at your table with a steamboat for you to cook at your own pace. We serve it with rice vermicelli, fresh vegetables and soup.

We recommend the “Chef’s Style Fried Rice,” served with egg, chicken prawns, corn and peas for side dishes. If you want something Thai, “Thai Fried Rice” is the best choice. It’s a Thai-based sauce fried rice with egg, chicken, prawns, corn and peas, and Thai spices dish that gives explosive flavours to every bite.

You can order soup like the spicy flavoured soup called “Tom Yum” or the vegetarian “Tom Jued Tofu,” a clear soup served with egg, vegetables, and tofu. We also have noodle soups like “Vietnam Beef Noodle Soup”, fragrant beef soup served with rice noodles, fresh bean sprouts, basil and chilli – a Vietnamese favourite. 

Our main dish is a special stir-fried dish with mixed seasonal vegetables. You get to pick the meat from chicken, beef or pork, squid or lamb, king prawns or seafood or duck, or tofu for vegetarians. Then, select what sauce you want to stir-fry it in. You can pick whatever sauce you want, whether you like it on chilli coriander, spicy black bean, green and red curry, Mandarin sauce, or hot pot.

At Lemongrass Thai & Vietnamese Restaurant, we serve a healthy and organic Vietnamese and Thai meal that will surely satisfy your appetite!

We also offer takeaways and home deliveries, so you can pick what works best for you. Takeaway orders are 10% off between 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM (for pick-up orders only). The delivery fee is $10, and we offer “Free Delivery” for orders over $100.

Please note that the prices of our dishes include GST and are subject to change without notice.

What’s more, we offer catering for functions and parties upon any request. So you can notify our staff of any special dietary requirements. 

Enjoy the traditional style flavours and experience affordable Vietnamese & Thai takeout.

Visit Lemongrass Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine’s business page to learn more about our menu!

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