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Here’s How This Purified Drinking Water Distributor in Kalgoorlie Makes It Work


Here’s How This Purified Drinking Water Distributor in Kalgoorlie Makes It Work

To have the finest purified drinking water for your health is only natural. This is why Refresh Pure Water is quite unlike other water distributors in Kalgoorlie. 

The reason is simple; you’re drinking pure water untainted by any minerals or chemicals. That’s right. Refresh Pure Water follows the finest water purification process that most effectively removes any artificial or natural contaminants. 

A Brief History of Refresh Pure Water Kalgoorlie

Refresh Pure Water in Kalgoorlie is a franchise of one of the listed subsidiaries of the Eneco group of companies, Refresh Waters, in Japan on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code ERG.  

We are the leading producer of distilled drinking water and bottled water supplier in pack sizes ranging from 350mL to 15L. We also have available water accessories for sale. 

Offering distilled drinking water and a full range of bottled water, such as but not limited to:

  • 15L Refresh Pure Water
  • 12 Litre Refresh Pure Water
  • 10 Litre Refresh Pure Water
  • 5 Litre Refresh Pure Water
  • 12 x 1.5 Litre Refresh Pure Water
  • 600ml Refresh Pure Water (24 Bottles)

Water Accessories:

  • Ceramic Well
  • Plastic Well
  • Wooden Bench
  • Wooden Floor Stand
  • Plastic Drinking Cups

About Refresh Pure Water’s Drinking Water Purification Process

Refresh Pure Water is quite unlike other water delivery companies. Here’s why. We purify water in the same way nature purifies life-sustaining water – by evaporation and condensation.

Usually, most water contains dissolved solids in various forms, most commonly in organic salts. These salts cannot be easily absorbed by the body and end up hindering cellular function. There are also contaminants that may have found their way into the water table. 

We steam off water molecules leaving behind impurities. Then, we condense and collect the pure water droplets. This collected water is unadulterated H2O – pure and simple.

Only steam distillation can ensure the removal of all minerals, salts, heavy metals and chemical residue, leaving nothing but pure water. 

In the same way, the sun evaporates water from the Earth’s surface, leaving behind impurities and then condensing in the form of rain. We steam off water molecules leaving behind contaminants. We then condense and collect pure water droplets.

No other purification process is more effective at removing artificial contaminants or more natural. Nothing could be more natural or purer. In fact, we use a patented process called vapour compression. It is a thoroughly advanced system that uses the latest water-purifying processes, guaranteeing an average of less than one part per million total dissolved solids. 

Nothing else comes close!

With our licensed technicians and state-of-the-art distilling machinery and equipment, we can produce litres of distilled water. Using our well-maintained machines and equipment guarantees Refresh Pure Water’s signature clean and natural taste.

The clean, crisp taste of our water is something you will remember. Once you’ve tried it, we guarantee you wouldn’t want to drink any other water. 

This is because we, Refresh Pure Water, provide pure water untainted by any minerals or chemicals. So if you’re looking for a trusted home water delivery service, you know who to call.

Want to know more about what this distilled bottled water delivery supplier can offer you?

Visit Refresh Pure Water’s business page here to know more!

Refresh Pure Water
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