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Here’s How This Company Provides Quality Mining Maintenance and Repair Services


Here’s How This Company Provides Quality Mining Maintenance and Repair Services

Dynamic Maintenance Service is known to have highly-experienced mining maintenance contractors that provide quality mining maintenance and repair services

The company was formed in 2007 with a team of experts that can meet your mining maintenance management and consultancy needs. Our team is experienced and reliable. We are available 24/7 for the repair and maintenance of light and heavy equipment.

As known career professionals in the field of maintenance management with over a decade of experience and expertise in the field, you can trust us to deliver maintenance and hydraulic repairs in Kalgoorlie, the Goldfields region and throughout Western Australia. 

We can provide professional and reliable services for all hydraulic cylinder repairs, upgrades, servicing, and machining of all equipment. Services such as but not limited to:

  • Major Servicing & Repairs to Mining & Earthmoving Equipment;
  • Specialised Mechanical & Auto Electrical Labour Hire;
  • Component & Machinery Rebuilds;
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs;
  • 24-hr Field Service;
  • Technical Support;
  • Maintenance Consultancy; and
  • Supervisors & Leading Hands.

DMS offers safe, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective services for your repair needs. We have fully-licensed mining maintenance contractors that can provide you with professional commercial services at cost-effective prices.

Getting To Know Dynamic Maintenance Service

With over 50 highly-skilled and proficient employees on board, we value all of our employees and recognise the company's success relies on how our employees effectively and efficiently meet the clients' and the company's needs. 

Our team works with large organisations in the mining industry and ensure equipment is maintained to a level that our clients have come to expect. DMS has a strong reputation within this field, not only for the delivery of service but for providing a workplace where our staff can thrive. 

We make sure to adhere to ethical business practices and encourage training and development for our staff to ensure a highly-skilled workforce.

At Dynamic Maintenance Service, we've got no problem going the extra mile to satisfy your needs. We also continually strive to meet and exceed your expectations by delivering exceptional service. 

What more could you ask for?

If your equipment needs a rebuild or parts require servicing, DMS has the expertise and workforce to get the job done right on time. Need more proof to convince you?

Visit the Dynamic Maintenance Service DMS business page here to know more!

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