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Here’s How The Best Child Care Centre in Kalgoorlie Operates


Here’s How The Best Child Care Centre in Kalgoorlie Operates

Kalgoorlie Occasional Child Care is the best child care centre in Kalgoorlie that offers occasional care in a multi-age setting and a pre-kindy school readiness program. We are a not-for-profit community-based centre established in 1989 that delivers friendly and reliable services designed to meet the childcare needs of Aussie families in the Goldfields region.

As one of the renowned childcare centres in Kalgoorlie, we deliver a solution that works. For 30 years, we have been providing a play-based curriculum that allows children to learn and develop at their own rate. The program runs Monday to Friday, with limited spots available each day. Our dedicated team of qualified and experienced educators will assist your children in developing the knowledge and skills they need to thrive at their own pace and succeed in a school environment.

What You Need To Know About The Leading Child Development Centre in Kalgoorlie

We run a play-based curriculum guided by the EYLF. The 3Ups and Pre-Kindy program is a school readiness program that helps develop the necessary skills to get ready for kindergarten. That’s why we provide a nurturing environment and help children feel safe, secure, and supported to learn, grow and make friends.

We have two rooms in the centre, where the children can participate in various experiences adjusted to suit the different ages each day. Activities, experiences, and resources are carefully selected with the children’s developmental needs as a guide.

With three (3) booking sessions available daily, families can book the care they need fitting around rosters and unique family circumstances.

As one of the professional child care centres in the area, we take our bookings for the multi-age room a week in advance on a first-serve basis. Families can book as many sessions as they wish for the week. We have three booking sessions a day available:

  • Morning session 08:30 am to 12:00 pm
  • Afternoon Session 12:00 pm to 03:30 pm
  • Full-day session 08.30 am to 03:30 pm

Cancellations up to 24 hours prior are allowed with no charge. If you miss out on a booking, you are placed on the waiting list. However, we will contact you again for a booking if a slot becomes available. Our unique casual bookings allow families to book the days they need without paying for unnecessary care.

Due to licensing and insurance reasons, we want to remind families that the centre officially opens at 08:30 am. Therefore, if you arrive before 08:30 am, you must stay with your children and be responsible for their care until we open.

This Is How Kalgoorlie Occasional Child Care Centre Operates

We help children build their holistic selves by utilising a play-based learning environment tailored to their interests and developmental needs. Our focus is to develop and support the children to understand the world around them further and interact with others with care, empathy, respect and fairness.

Attending one day per week, the children have a set booking where we follow similar school routines. We help them familiarise themselves with the school setting and expectations and focus on learning. Not to worry, our educators are experienced in working with children of different ages and can cater to individual routines.

The centre makes sure to help create a close network that best supports your child’s learning and development. Through their learning journals, children learn various cognitive and motor skills, such as an awareness of letters, numbers, colours, shapes, cutting, and name recognition and writing. We also focus on introducing self-help skills, including navigating their way through their lunchboxes at meal times, ensuring they put their rubbish in the bin, finding and attempting to put on their shoes and washing their hands and faces after meal times.

Other activities include exploring various medical instruments and caring for their sick teddy animals. We also got involved in our local community, asking The Animal Hospital for real animal X-rays and some great animal education posters we displayed in the room.

Child Care Assistance Activities We Do In The Multi-Age Room

Our Multi-Age Occasional room provides a play-based learning environment that caters to the developmental needs of each age group in the room. Siblings can stay together, helping them to feel more secure in the environment. The children participate in a wide range of activities that help to develop their holistic selves.

One of the many experiences is making the children understand emergency services such as ambulances, firefighters, policemen, and the others such as tow trucks, cranes, etc. Part of the activity is to discuss the centre’s fire evacuation procedure with the children to help them understand the importance sticking together. For our dramatic play, we have the police and a fire station with costumes, police hats, fire hats and some police cars along with some fire engines. 

We also do artwork based on the activity, including making fire trucks, police cars with a handprint of little policemen, and police badges and having the opportunity to create their own police car with collage materials ranging from cellophane, crepe paper, glitter, markers and police banners. The children have also finger-painted their little firefighter Dalmatian dogs. 

There’s also sensory-targeted art, including finger painting, shaving foam painting, and painting with natural materials such as sticks, leaves and bark. We also take advantage of having outdoor play under some warm sunlight. We provide the children with chalk, bikes, art, trucks, and diggers. As a special touch, we make some super cool chalk paint for the children to enjoy painting on the footpath. If the weather isn’t amazing, the children can play with the animals on fake grass on the veranda.  

Our staff will plant some grass seeds in small pots to grow their grass heads so the children can cut them however they like. We also let them have picnics outside on the mat and at the tables to bask under the sunlight.

Your children develop friendships and learn social skills and emotional intelligence by being in a small group with the same children and educators each week.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child, book from Kalgoorlie’s reliable and affordable child care centre to take care of your kids now!

Email the centre at with your enquiry. Please sign your child in and out of the centre using our kiosk. This legal requirement will affect your CCS payments if not completed properly. Also, kindly note that if your child’s session falls on a public holiday, you will not be charged for that booking.

We ask for the safety of all the children at the centre and that you do not provide your login details to anyone. Each person on your contact list can create their login when they pick up your child. This helps to ensure that only authorised people collect children. 

If anyone not on your contact list is picking up your child, please call the centre or speak to Penny or Sue at drop-off.

Visit Kalgoorlie Occasional Child Care Centre’s business page for more information!

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