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A Highly-Trusted Local Fluid Conveying Expert in Kalgoorlie


A Highly-Trusted Local Fluid Conveying Expert in Kalgoorlie

Want your hydraulic hoses services needs done by a professional and local fluid conveying expert

A hydraulic service provider who supplies high-quality products and well-maintained equipment for your hydraulic fittings?

We, at Hosemasters Kalgoorlie, can provide you with the best hydraulic services in all of the Goldfields Region!

Hosemasters Kalgoorlie is your hoses and hose fittings supplier in Kalgoorlie that supplies quality fluid conveying products you need then and there. 

Kelly Ritchie, the owner/operator, is trained by international leaders in the field, which produces the highest calibre of work in servicing you. 

For over 25 years, Hosemasters has been offering clients quality hydraulic parts supply products

We started in a service vehicle, assembling hoses and servicing customers. With that experience at hand, we embarked on the journey of creating a world-renowned business. A business with the grit of a small business and the scale of a multinational corporation.

Our service philosophy is simple: the greater expertise of our operators have, the more they can reduce your cost.

What Hydraulic Services and Products Does Hosemasters Kalgoorlie Offer

We specialise in on-site removal, manufacture and installation of fluid conveying assemblies and other components in Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields Region. 

At Hosemasters Kalgoorlie, we offer hydraulic products such as:

  • High Pressure
  • Hose
  • Fitting
  • Adapter
  • Hose Assembly

All our products are periodically examined to ensure they only carry out the best operating performance available. 

Through regular examination and analysis, we immensely increase the lifespan of our products, ultimately reducing the cost for you.

Hosemasters Kalgoorlie: Perks of Working With A Local Fluid Conveying Expert

As a problem-solver in the market, where whatever your fluid conveying problems are, we will not stop until we have provided you with a solution.

As a local fluid conveying expert, we fully equip our vehicles with all the tools and products required to access your machinery, take off the hose, assemble a new hose, and install the new hose on-site. 

Instead of waiting for the hose to be taken off and then taking it to our shop, we do it right then and there, saving you time and money.

Plus, Hosemasters exclusively sells the highest standard products that comply with international standards ISO 9001, ISO/TS 17165-2, ISO 1436, ISO 3862, ISO 3949; and other standards such as SAE, EN and AS/NZS.

Our owner/operator, Kelly Ritchie, is trained by international leaders in the field, which produces the highest calibre of work in servicing you. 

Through our international reach, we can compete at the highest level. When coupled with our expertise in the field, we stand to challenge any competitor.

When you work with Hosemasters, we bring our 25 years of business experience to the workbench. 

There's no middle ground for Hosemasters. We're not here to be anything other than the greatest.

Want to know how Hosemasters in Kalgoorlie can help you with your hydraulic services needs? 

Visit Hosemasters Kalgoorlie's business page here and get to know more about their hydraulic fittings services now!

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