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How Can Beacon Technology Help You?


How Can Beacon Technology Help You?

Communication is Changing

There’s no doubt that our communication is changing since the arrival of mobile phones. Love them or hate them, they are the future. As a business owner you have a choice: adapt, evolve and survive or ignore and join the dinosaurs!

Mobile devices have opened new doors, consider this...

Your customers are increasingly likely to use their mobile devices to read your emails, view your website and follow you on social. And that’s only the beginning.

Mobile Apps have revolutionised the way we communicate with customers, offering a greater range of flexibility and functionality in the back pocket. Savvy business owners understand the importance of keeping up with technology, which is why we’re excited to introduce you the world of Beacons.

What Is Beacon Technology?

Beacon Technology refers to a state-of-the-art technology that is revolutionising the way you communicate with your customers. Beacons use proximity marketing to deliver tailored, specific and relevant messages to your customers as they come in proximity to your store, restaurant, attraction or premises.

Remember the printed marketing flyers you’d get in the mail each week? There were cinema offers, pizza offers and all sorts of special deals. And chances are you flicked through them and popped them straight into the recycling bin. Why? Because at the time you found them eating a pizza or going to the movies was probably furthest from your mind.

Now imagine these businesses were using Beacon Technology…

As you pass the cinema you’re notified of the next movie shows, popcorn deal and offers. Maybe you’re tempted…you’re right there, it’s easy to go in or even book a ticket for later showing via the beacon app. The same with the local pizza place, café or entertainment venue. The message you receive is relevant, timely and meaningful because it’s in context of your physical location to that store.

How Does It Work?

Beacons use low energy signals using Bluetooth technology. These signals are sent from a static device (the Beacon) to an app on your mobile phone. They are only activated when the mobile device is within a short distance of the Beacon.

Why Choose Beacon Technology?

Beacons are the next step in personalised communication, giving you the chance to interact with your customers in a whole new way.

Imagine their potential for…

Real Estate – prospective buyers can get all the information about the home they’re driving by as they pass, including home open times!
Tourism – as tourists pass a significant location they receive a notification that tells them about its history, origin and importance.
Retail – remind customers you exist as they pass your store, update them on your specials and help them find what they’re looking for.

Beacons are an evolving technology, and at the Goldfields Key we’re excited to bring you cutting edge marketing resources to put you ahead of your competitors!

Want to talk Beacons?

Chat to the team at Goldfields Key - 08 9022 8422