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Discover How Local Search Wins You Business


Discover How Local Search Wins You Business

Technological progress has changed how people live and certainly improved lives! One of the biggest impacts is in online search and through business directory app, where people are using their mobile phones to find goods and services. But as a local business owner, search has opened up a new world of competition and staying top of mind is your priority.

Let’s go back in time…

Before the arrival of Google business was simple, your customers looked in a printed telephone directory to find your business. If you were a plumber, chances are you’d have some local competition, but reputation and a good-looking ad would be enough to make you their first choice. But now they search plumber and they’ve got a whole world of choice…

What’s a local business going to do?

The answer may surprise you…

How to Fast Track Your Local Search Results

Every day, your customers are looking for local products and services, and as a regional business all you have to do is make sure they find you!

But how?

Understanding search behaviour is key to getting found in local search. Research shows consumers search with their location and proximity in mind!

What a gift!

Here’s what a recent study tells us -

  • Customisation is key - 4 out of 5 consumers want search results to be customised to their location, zip code or immediate surroundings.
  • Details matter - They search on smartphone and computer or tablet for store address, business hours, product availability and directions.

And what’s more, local searchers take action!

The data shows that your customers are searching with an intention to act! Look at these astonishing results -

  • 50% of users who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a shop within a day
  • 18% of local searches on smartphone lead to a purchase within a day vs. 7% of non-local searches.

So, you can see the power of local search for your business.

Your key to success is local search!

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about optimising your business in search engines for your local customers. It is a strategy to reach your local audience by listing your business name, location, and telephone number.

With a local strategy in the search engine business can provide consumers with the information they need to call, enquire, buy or to take action.

How you can improve your local search results in 5 easy steps

1. Local Directory Listing - list your business in the online directory that’s local to your area. If you’re in the Goldfields, Esperance or Mid-West region of WA we’ve made this easy for you! You can list in the Goldfields Key or the Mid-West Key, both are fully optimised for local search and links back to your website. A listing with these directories are great resource for traffic, leads, reviews and it could contribute to your search engine ranking too.

2. Google My Business - Enlist your local business details such as telephone number, operation hours, and location on Google. Claim and verify your business and allow users to review your service. Respond to feedback and enquiries of your customers online.

3. Citations - this is when a third party website references you with your business name, location or contact information. The citation does not even require links to your site. This is no different from a local travel magazine mentioning a resort as a place to stay in a particular destination.

4. Local Reviews - Acquire reviews from your customers in Google My Business and online directories. Touch base with previous customers through email and send them a link to your review pages, or hand them over a QR code which can be scanned through their phone that would direct them to your Google My Business account while they are in your store.

5. Website optimisation - Optimise your website for mobile and local keywords - most local searches happen when users are in the go when they are on the road, on their way to work, in the airport or when they are in a destination. Google favours ranking websites which are mobile friendly, load fast and give a good user experience. No website? We've got you covered - check out our packages here.

If you’d like assistance to improve your local search results, then we’re here to help – our team provide a free assessment of your website and tips on how to increase your ranking in Local Search.

Contact us today – 1300 017 990