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Rema TIP TOP Kalgoorlie


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Our Story:

Rema TIP TOP is a pioneer of the rubber manufacturing industry with innovation and technological developments stretching throughout its almost 100-year history. Our products are used to extend the service life and reduce the maintenance costs of our customers' assets.

What We Do:

Rema TIP TOP provides a global service network and offers a broad range of polymer-based products, linings and coatings to suit a large range of applications in mining, construction, food processing, quarrying and other industrial applications. 

From specialist rubber lining, wear and corrosion protection to total conveyor maintenance, management and product supply, we are the market leader in products and services for materials processing and Surface protection. 

Why Choose Rema TIP TOP Kalgoorlie?

Utilising our extensive experience, laboratory and field tests, we select the right materials for every kind of operating condition in order to make the respective protection systems fully effective.

All of our conveyor belts are manufactured to comply with Australian specifications, including F.R.A.S. polyurethane certification for bulk material handling. 

With a range of readily available stock available across the country, Rema TIP TOP Kalgoorlie can quickly and efficiently supply products when you need them.


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REMA TIP TOP is a global market leader in conveyor belts, rubber lining, and wear protection. Our range includes fabric ply, steel cord, and solid woven belts, perfect for diverse applications in mining, construction, food processing, quarrying, and various industries. With 30+ years of expertise, our conveyor belts enhance system life and economic efficiency. For unrivalled material processing and surface protection solutions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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Designs Conveyors of Any Geometry, Length & Drive Configuration
Localities Kalgoorlie-Boulder
ABN 51 121 411 229
ACN 121 411 229
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