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Trusted Provider of Caravan Hire in Kalgoorlie

Trusted Provider of Caravan Hire in Kalgoorlie


Are you in search of a caravan for hire in Kalgoorlie

Preferably both modern and budget off-road caravans for heavy-duty, exploration and drilling projects in Western Australia?

Then, you’re in luck because Fiesta Exploration Caravan Hire has a range of mining caravans for hire you’re looking for! 

Fiesta Exploration Caravan Hire was established in November 1990 by Andy and Yvonne Boult. The business operates from Perth, Kalgoorlie, and Adelaide, where the current fleet of caravans stands at thirty and growing.

We cater to diverse demands, including prospector vans for heavy-duty, off-road work, exploration, and drilling companies for long-term remote camps and assisting established mine site villages with accommodation overflow bunkhouses.

What An Exploration Caravan for Hire Can Offer You

Fiesta Mining and Exploration Caravan Hire specialise in providing modern and budget heavy-duty off-road caravans to the exploration and mining industry.

All of our mining exploration caravans are fully self-contained and come with varying degrees of luxury. From fully refurbished, older style caravans ideal for heavy-duty bush work to brand new Explorex trailers with 3 or 4 separate bedrooms with satellite T.V. in each room, fully equipped kitchen, dining and annexe.

Turn-Key camps include:

  • Generators
  • Fuel Pods or Bunded Tanks
  • Fuel Trailers
  • Distribution Boxes & H.T. Leads
  • Water Tanks, Pods & Hoses
  • Bunk House & Single Bed Bedroom Caravans Complete With Linen
  • Explorex Caravans
  • Ablution Caravans
  • Communications
  • Free Use Of A 4000 sqm Lay Down Area
  • Secure, Alarmed & Barricaded Unit For Valuable Asset Storage

Fiesta Exploration Caravan Hire also offers the service of setting up and demobilisation of turn-key caravan camps, and we specialise in servicing highly remote locations in harsh conditions.

Why Choosing Fiesta Exploration Caravan Hire Is Worth It

Fiesta Mining and Off-Road Exploration Caravans Hire provides modern and budget heavy-duty off-road caravans to the exploration and mining industry. 

We also offer the service of setting up and demobilisation of turn-key caravan camps, even servicing remote locations in harsh conditions. 

Fully Self-Contained Explorex Caravans With;-

  • Bedrooms, Including All Linen
  • Fully Fitted-Out Kitchen
  • Shower & Laundry
  • Completely Fitted-Out
  • Full-Length Annex

From camp mobilisation and demobilisation, we do the remote vehicle and trailer recovery with a heavy-duty trailer or with a small tilt tray and a 6.5-tonne crane truck.

Fiesta Exploration Caravan Hire offers a range of hire trailers, including two general-purpose tandem trailers, a 10 x 5 tipper and a 3.5 tonne LV trailer suitable for 4WDs. 

We also offer towing and recovery services, fuel and water runs, and hotshot deliveries, including food, beer, and smoke runs. 

At Fiesta Exploration Caravan Hire, we pride ourselves on offering you an unparalleled 24/7 backup service. 

Want to know more about what Fiesta Exploration Caravan Hire can offer you? 

Visit Fiesta Exploration Caravan Hire’s business page here now to know more about what we can offer you!

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