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A quick guide on how to use the

Goldfields-Esperance Key Website.

 Search by Category, Business name or Keyword

You can quickly find a business or organisation by using the Category, Business name or Keyword search box. This search box is located on the top centre of the page.

If you search under a category (all categories appear in capital letters), start typing a word such as 'employment', and click on the category of your choice to begin searching for businesses under this category.

If you are looking for a particular business name such as Goldfields People Hire, type in the business name and a selection will appear, click on the correct name and it will take you to the business details.

If you are unsure about the category or business name, you can search by keyword. Type in any word which is relevant to what you are looking for, such as ‘people’, and a list of categories and business names will appear that have 'people' as part of their keywords. Click on one of the choices in the list and it will take you to a category or business name.

 How the 'click through' system works

After you have found the business you are looking for you will arrive at the Business Details page. From here the 'click through' system is designed to display important information and connect all relevant pages >

By clicking on the website name in the business details this will take you to the business's website >

By clicking on the Display Advert (if there is one) this will also take you to the business's website >

By clicking on More Info icon it will also take you to the business's website OR to a Mini Website produced and maintained by Business Key where a business or organisation can show more detailed information about their products and services.

 Feel free to have a look around

The Goldfields-Esperance Key Online is for the benefit of the community, businesses and organisations within the Goldfields-Esperance region. This website displays the wide range of products and services listed in the Goldfields-Esperance Key In-Print directory, which has become an indispensable source of local information for people living in or visitng the Goldfields. Our website includes emergency and helpline numbers, street maps, tourist information and events. Feel free to browse the Goldfields-Esperance Key Online and discover what the Goldfields have to offer.





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