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Exotic Teak

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Exotic Timber Wholesalers

suppliers of kiln-dried tongue and groove planks for




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Rare hardwood • Strong and durable • Beautiful finish

Termite resistant • Plantation grown • Adds warmth and value

Teak. King of the hardwoods.

Teak has long been recognised as one of the world’s premium hardwoods. Known for its amazing strength and durability, teak has been used to make outdoor furniture, patios for alfresco dining areas, harbour pilings and even decking on cruise ships which are constantly exposed to a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.

Traditionally giant teak trees were cut from the ancient forests of south-east Asia but today sustainable plantations have been established. It takes around 40 to 50 years to grow a teak tree that can be cut and processed. For every tree felled, at least one – and often more – are planted.

Exotic Timber sources its timber only from sustainable plantations.


Why choose Exotic Teak?

Despite its strength, teak is comparatively light and easy to work with. Because of the oils that effectively seal the internal layers of the wood as the tree grows, it is naturally resistant to fungus, damp and insect infestations – including termites.

Exotic Teak comes in a range of colours from a soft golden brown to a deeper red-brown hue. It is easy to lay, easy to clean and adds a sense of warmth and style to any home. As it is taken from comparatively young trees, Exotic Teak is kiln dried for a short time to ensure maximum durability.

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Professional finish

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Exotic Teak tongue and groove flooring is precision milled along the edges and ends for a strong and tight join. It can be applied directly to concrete or on top of pre-laid plywood. While the process is relatively straightforward, we recommend you use our expert installers.

Plank Sizes for FLOORING: 400-1200mm long, 90mm wide and 15mm thick.
Planks 400-500mm 15% of order and planks 600-1200mm 85% of order.

Plank Sizes for EAVES: 1200-2200mm long, 75mm wide and 15mm thick.

Plank Sizes for DECKING: 1200-2200mm long, 90mm wide and 18mm thick.

The moisture content is 12% or less (10 +/- 2%) kiln dried.


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Concrete floors must be levelled and sealed before laying Exotic Teak planks or plywood sheets.


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Exotic Teak is laid six planks at a time. A special adhesive is used to bond with the planks.


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The planks are clamped together and nailed down. Three grades of sander are used before three layers of varnish are applied.


Make your home more Exotic

An Exotic Teak floor will enhance the quality of your home and provide a warmth and richness that no other flooring can. Scuff and scratch resistant, Exotic Teak is ideal for young families – even those with an active dog!

And why not take the indoors outdoors with a practical, beautiful and durable patio deck. Teak has been used to make ships’ decking and outdoor furniture for centuries. It will cope with the rigours of heavy rain, burning sun, cool night time temperatures and all kinds of creepy crawlies for at least a hundred years.

Exotic Teak can also be used to line the eaves of your house especially above the alfresco dining area where it will match the decking.

Choose Exotic Teak to add a unique warmth, style and value to your home.


Where to buy Exotic Teak

Exotic Teak is available from selected timber merchants and specialist stores. It can be delivered anywhere in the metro area and we can also put you in touch with expert installers.



Should you have any price request please do not hesitate to call 0418 940 808.


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PO Box 1264, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6916
Mobile: 0418 940 808
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