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 Licence opportunities with Business Key

Business Key publishes the Goldfields-Esperance Key business and community directory both In-Print and Online. We also licence this concept to operators in regional Western Australia. The time has come to extend our reach – and our success – by offering licences to publish an in-print and online directory in regions throughout Australia.

By becoming a licensee, you automatically gain the right to use the long-established ‘Key’ brand name. Indeed, it is a condition of the licence that the product you control will be named after a particular town or region followed by the word ‘Key.’ For example Kimberley Key; Pilbara Key or Southwest Key.

The website URL will also contain the word ‘Key’ as in

 Key benefits at a glance
  • Work from home or a small office
  • Tried, tested and proven media concept
  • Take on just the in-print directory, just the online directory - or both
  • Complete software package
  • Unique ‘dual media’ database
  • Full training
  • Ongoing support
  • Manage the business and hire a sales team or handle sales yourself
  • Minimal number of employees
  • Profits can be demonstrated
 Business Key at a glance
  • Established 1993
  • Publisher of the Goldfields-Esperance Key for 20 years
  • Began developing the DUAL MEDIA In-Print/Online concept in 2000
  • Has spent a great deal of time, effort and money getting the concept right
  • First successful licence issued 2001 in Bunbury WA
  • Determined to support licensees in every possible way
 The product

The product is essentially the combination of a printed and online business and community directory which lists every business in a town or region with its contact details plus emergency and helpline numbers, a business telephone directory, a comprehensive index and a series of local street maps and area maps. Specialised information can also be included such as tide charts for coastal regions.

This licensing opportunity allows you to become the publisher in your region of:

  • either the printed directory only
  • or the online directory only
  • or both in-print and online directories.

The printed directory is self-funding in that all production costs are more than covered by the sale of advertising space. The directory is delivered to every residential and commercial address in the region free of charge.

This directory is also made available as a website which contains all the in-print information and more. To see what your ‘Key’ website can look like visit or click here to see another example of a regional website.

 The Online option

Which of the above three options is the right one for you will depend largely on the town or region in which you operate. For a large region with a sparse population such as The Kimberley in northern WA, the online directory would be ideal while an in-print version may be less appropriate. Equally, in a small compact town or city which attracts tourists such as Broome, the in-print/online combination might be the way to go.

Obviously the marketing strategy for the online only option will be different. All advertising on the website will be paid for.

The online only option is seen by Business Key as a sound and viable proposition and will be supported to the same high level as all other options

 The competition

In many regions of Australia, residents, visitors and local businesses are serviced by black and white local directories printed on inferior paper and left out for collection in newsagents, cafés and tourism outlets. 

The ‘Key’ concept provides for an A4, full colour glossy magazine-style directory with the latest information and constantly updated maps, the current edition of the Goldfields-Esperance Key comprises of 240 pages. When teamed with a website, the directory has double the impact and attracts a much larger viewing audience to the region. And it will in your region too!

Many shire councils and local tourism authorities operate websites but there are very few if any that contain the depth of information that can be accommodated on a ‘Key’ site.

 No barriers to market entry

By taking on a licence to publish a regional ‘Key’ in-print and/or online directory in your region, you can be sure that all the background work has been done for you. Anyone wishing to move into this market and emulate what Business Key has achieved would need to spend many thousands of dollars and around four years of research and development time. They would have to partner with an innovative and highly creative national website development company. And they would need to establish a recognised brand, market respectability, demonstrable profits and ongoing training and support programs before they could go for launch.

 What’s so special about the ‘Key’?

What makes the ‘Key’ concept unique is the fact that it involves two complementary media – In-Print and Online. We call this the DUAL MEDIA PACKAGE. By selling advertising space in the in-print version and providing the equivalent space free on the website, customers are more willing to buy a bigger ad space or invest in a paid-for space on the online version.

The database of in-print customers is linked to the database of online customers so when one is updated, the other automatically updates too.

The system performs any upgrades that are necessary, this means the site is always maintained at its optimal operating capacity. It also negates the need to undertake costly and time consuming rebuilds.

 What you will need

Whichever of the three options you choose, the business you will operate as a Business Key licensee is essentially about two disciplines. Selling and graphic design.  It is recommended that the licensee is either competent in one of these disciplines or is prepared to take on a management role and outsource a graphic designer and a sales team.

The sales role may be part-time or full-time, and in some areas, will require only one sales person.

You will need access to a recent model computer with an ADSL Broadband Internet connection, this is adequate for the website version. However, if you choose to take on a print version, the equipment needs are of a much higher level.

 What Business Key offers

Experience: Business Key began developing the in-print/online concept in 2000 and has published the Goldfields Key directory since 1993.

Training facilities: Business Key will provide comprehensive and ongoing training and consultancy services for your graphic designer and sales representatives.

Excellent backup: Both Business Key and the website development company, will provide ongoing support. There is an online support centre built into the website which is the first port of call for any troubleshooting problems. 

Website: The licensee will gain ownership (under licence) of the structure and functionalities of the website as it currently exists for the Goldfields Key. Elements such as design can be changed to reflect another region.

The technical aspects of the site have been painstakingly developed, tried and tested to ensure they provide a site that is ideally suited to its role as a user-friendly, flexible and functional directory.

 Join the information revolution

People thrive on information, today more and more people browse online. The in-print book is a handy resource for people living in the region. 

By offering local people and visitors a wealth of knowledge about a particular town or region, you will not only be providing a much-needed service, you will make a substantial profit. Becoming a Business Key licensee will quite literally change your life for the better.

To find out more, call Les Waugh on (08) 9022 8422 or email



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