Explore Hopetoun

The Fitzgerald River National Park is a 330,000ha strip of coastline between Hopetoun and Bremer Bay. In 1978 the national park was recognised by UNESCO as an important Biosphere. It has rivers, gorges, spongelite cliffs, sand plains, mountains, beaches and spectacular displays of wildflowers between August and November. Southern Right whales can be seen from the cliffs at Point Ann between June and October.

There are many beaches around Hopetoun: to the east is Starvation Bay and Powell Point where visitors can enjoy surfing and swimming, as well as access to camping facilities, toilets, barbecues and boat ramp. To the west is West Beach and Four Mile Beach which offers walks and fishing, with access to barbecues and toilets. Further west is Hamersley Drive Heritage Scenic Trail, a 170km circular route.

There is a trek (2-3 hours return) to the East Mount Barren Lookout which has fine views of the area. Barrens Beach, East Mylies Beach, West Beach, Whalebone Beach, Quoin Head, and Hamersley Inlet are highlights of the walk. There are some camping facilities along the way.

Culham inlet, west of Hopetoun, is a landlocked estuary of the Steere and Phillips Rivers. A good spot for a bushwalk when the wildflowers are blooming in spring.


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