Dual Media Bonus

Business Key's DUAL MEDIA BONUS:

Advertise in the Goldfields-Esperance Key In-Print

and receive a FREE advertisement online.

For all advertising enquiries please contact Business Key on (08) 9022 8422.

 DUAL MEDIA BONUS: Two media are better than one


The Goldfields-Esperance Key In-Print business and community directory is a familiar presence in the region. Residents and businesses use it to source local products and services. The Goldfields-Esperance Key has comprehensive information about the region, including business phone numbers and street maps.



The Goldfields-Esperance Key Online business and community directory, represents the ideal opportunity for local businesses and non-profit organisations to promote their products and services locally and globally online. It has all the information contained in the In-Print directory, and more.                                                             



Business Key’s Dual Media Bonus, means that when you buy an ad in the Goldfields-Esperance Key it will also appear on www.goldfieldskey.com.au.

For example, CPC Engineering has purchased an A2 advertisement (as shown above), this same ad will appear online for FREE. See Goldfields-Esperance Key In-print for more information.              



Your FREE ad will appear on www.goldfieldskey.com.au under all relevant categories which are cross-referenced to your ad and company details.

In the example above, CPC Engineering ad from the In-Print directory is placed online and will stay online for a whole year. See Goldfields-Esperance Key Online for more information. 





The bigger your ad, the greater your impact.
The bigger your ad, the bigger you appear to be.
The bigger your ad, the more you can say.

For all enquiries please contact the publishers...


PO Box 5547
Tel (08) 9022 8422
Fax (08) 9022 8522
Email: admin@thekey.com.au

Web: www.goldfieldskey.com.au 


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